Coventry climate summit – as it happened

10.29am BST

Covid has found a following. I never expected the event to become a media sensation like Notting Hill Carnival or Hogmanay, but it has. For 24 hours the UK’s biggest cities (or cities worldwide, for that matter) had to cope with thousands of people channeling their energies in such a big way for the cause of climate change.

To the contrary, one of the complaints of those who actually show up at events like this is that there are so many people here and you need to shove them in areas with more space so people can easily share around the concert grounds.

Because there is a big undercurrent of frustration with how the event is organised, and complaints from those who actually come here and how they are treated by hotel and venue staff. One specific gripe is that apparently we, the journalists, receive a buffet breakfast and are then asked to tip up to 30% so as to encourage more to come along.

The Guardian also finds a high level of disappointment in the sheer size of the event and the accompanying traffic problems that are made worse because of all the people. There is also generally an expectation that this is a 20-minute walk to get here from the M4, which means it takes longer to even drive here from the M4 than it does to get here from anywhere else.

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