Hilary Duff, 25, is an indie movie star after starring in Young Blood with Aaron Carter

Hilary Duff, 25, is an indie movie star after starring in Young Blood with Aaron Carter

Hilary Duff mourns ex Aaron Carter: ‘Boy did my teenage self love you deeply’

Hilary Duff is now a star after starring in an X-rated horror flick — and she’s just as upset about it as we are

Hilary Duff remembers the day she met Aaron Carter. It was August 1999 in Los Angeles and they had been dating only four weeks. They fell in love on the spot.

A movie called Young Blood, the debut film from actress and former L.A. Laker Cheryl Kiesel, was the high point in his career at the time.

He had just signed with New Line — and just weeks later he would become the face of New Line’s Newcomer, an off-the-wall-glam horror flick with a storyline that would make Duff’s late boyfriend, Chris Colfer, proud.

“Every time I see my ex-boyfriend we make a movie together.”

Now, Duff, 25, who spent part of her childhood in Ohio before moving to Hollywood, is an indie movie star in Los Angeles after playing the lead in the horror film.

As we look back through her career, we ask her about the film, her future, her feelings towards Carter and whether or not she could see him one day.

You are a big sports fan, but when you see the movie Young Blood with Aaron Carter, did you ever think he would turn out to be an indie movie star or what?

Yeah, I actually thought that Aaron would stay the same. What I wasn’t aware of is that he had this kind of big hit with Young Blood and that he was starting to do a lot more things, and he was getting into smaller roles and he was growing his character and that was pretty awesome because it just made it easier to see him at the movies.

You said in an interview that it was just you and Aaron. He was your boyfriend, you had no others. Did you think there was going to be others in his life?

I mean it was always just me and Aaron that we were dating, and I knew he had a girlfriend, but it wasn’t until years later that I found out that she was a co-star and she had her

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