Kevin de León’s apology isn’t over

Kevin de León’s apology isn’t over

Editorial: What happens after Councilman Kevin de León’s apology tour?

The debate over comments made by Councilman Kevin de León during his first run for mayor last year is heating up again. After he told an audience of supporters last month that he’s sorry about the “over-reaction” he’s caused, and the subsequent controversy surrounding his comments, de León, as he’s described in many news stories, has decided to “step away” from politics and return to the family business.

And while De León’s apology is the latest example of politicians getting caught up in the heat of a moment—including a Republican state representative caught on video saying a young woman was “a hooker” and an Alabaman city hall employee who said she wanted to punch a council member—the situation does not appear to have ended.

Since last month, de León has made a number of additional remarks, most notably during recent appearances at events organized by his political and legal team. These remarks—which De León describes to the local media as merely “remorseful”—have received a great deal of attention, even from those who have expressed skepticism about the timing and substance of de León’s apology.

But despite his apologies and promises not to run for another office, we are left with a lingering question: Does this mean a de León victory in his second mayoral run is on the table?

In short, no. In a story published on the Alabamian on Wednesday morning, the Journal reported that de León’s father is set to buy and relocate the family business—a move that could help de León run the family business, and therefore, he may run for mayor again. The New York Post on Friday cited a source close to the city’s Republican Party and the city’s Republican Committee executive committee who said this could happen, but added, “It’s too

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