Lagos toll gate shooting is a massacre, says Nigeria’s Supreme court

Supreme court judges address violence that killed 35 people at toll gate, calling it murder and which they insist cannot be allowed to happen again

Supreme court judges in Nigeria have said a shooting at a toll gate in Lagos that killed 35 people in June had been “a massacre,” lamenting that they could not stop the slaughter.

The court called for justice and called on a judge who presided over the first bail hearing of the four people charged with capital offences to use the “law to the full to fix the balance of justice”.

A majority of justices called the shooting at the Lekki toll gate, which took place at about 1am on 16 June, “murder” and said it “cannot be allowed to happen again”.

Five of the justices supported sending the case to the appeal court. One justice who did not support moving the case out of the lower court said she was concerned about public participation.

Those charged in the shooting were charged with murder and unlawful possession of firearms in August, but bail hearings have been put off several times while their lawyers prepare a defence.

A spokeswoman for the state attorney general’s office confirmed the Supreme court decision.

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