Lake of the Woods: Dare to try this 10-foot-deep lake ice walk

Watch as officers work the ice and embrace their police badge. We’ve all walked through treacherous spots on a hiking trail and wondered, “What would I do if my best friend was getting chilly?” It can feel so overwhelming that one would literally jump out of their skis or boots.

But this was pure bravery and humanity.

When these two Good Samaritans decided to take a walk on the frozen lake, they were in total disbelief. They honestly thought they’d come across a dead body. Now, for any of us who were the victims of this encounter, this might be just the beginning of what you’ll experience when facing a rocky off-road route — such as side-winding trails, ice rinks, and raging rivers. It’s definitely tougher than a bike ride.

The water is three to five feet deep on this ice. While the frozen sheet of ice may have looked beautiful with ice to stand on, it was anything but safe in the cold water of the harbor.

Although these two officers didn’t know if they were in real danger, the actual ice was only three feet tall. This definitely makes one wonder if even a single inch of ice is safe in the water, or if the ice is shallow enough?

Considering that one inch can be a dangerous amount of space, and depending on the tide, one can lose their footing and fall in to the water or the ice itself. It’s why there is no wading. One-foot of dry land gives one incredible tread and helps one stay on the safe side. One inch of wet ground makes you feel like you can avoid the ice.

Police officers simply had no idea how deep this lake was. They were also unaware that Lake of the Woods is an ice sheet, a remnant of a glacier some 7,000 years old.

Now let’s talk about the best part of this adventure: The adorable dog inside these officers. What a hero he was.

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