Meet the Playmate who’s bringing Flavor Flav and Prince Harry together

They are two types of people: Some like bright-red lipstick, long eyelashes and peachy cheeks. Others love a manicured chin, toothy smile and glistening hair.

Then there are the wannabe gals.

Long before Beth Harmon was considered an aspiring professional musician, she was a glammed-up, extroverted, late-night club-hopping club girl, part of a club and dance-music subculture known as “Boiler Room,” according to a 1996 article in the Village Voice.

Her résumé included a “stripper hot-mail” address; provocative dating-app updates; and innumerable black-tie events where her breasts were “top of the lineup” for champagne and caviar.

That’s right. The man in the woman’s life who has been promoting her big royal appearance for the past year was — back in 1996 — the “Boiler Room” dance club owner who later created Flavor Flav, the public-affairs guru who revolutionized cable television with “The Boondocks” and is now hosting a hip-hop music show on SiriusXM.

Late last year, Harmon’s partnership with the royal family gave rise to a television series and a subscription service of video and audio interviews. But the most dramatic piece of Harmon’s royal history still remains: the fact that she chose the king to marry.

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