Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Will Be Tested Before Mars

Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Will Be Tested Before Mars

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is buying an ad package on Elon Musk’s Twitter to tell users to stay tuned to SpaceX and buy its future, according to Twitter spokesperson Tom Nelson. Nelson said the SpaceX account will now “show a countdown to when SpaceX’s rocket will be flying in the next month.”

Last week, it was announced that SpaceX will be taking flight tests of a brand new Crew Dragon spacecraft in February. At the same time, there’s speculation Musk may be taking the next step in his personal space exploration. He recently tweeted out his desire to go to Mars.

The company would likely like to show off this new spacecraft and the progress it is making to see his rocket up in the air before the next round of tests.

“The reason this is interesting is that SpaceX was recently hit with an injunction from the FAA over what should have been an obvious violation of the agency’s licensing requirements. The company decided to fight the order, and lost. The injunction was upheld earlier this week, and now they were hit with yet another setback.”

“One thing, however, is for sure. Whatever the next test they do flies this rocket out, even if it can’t go higher than 100 miles. When you buy into the idea of humans going to Mars, you want the rocket with a crew first.”

He then explained that the next time the company “gets really tested, it will be when NASA launches a manned Apollo 11 mission from Florida in five years. And then the following year, they launch another Apollo mission from Florida, again with a crew.”

“Then the next year after that, they launch a mission to an asteroid. This was the way the NASA system worked. So when you were watching space, you could always tell what the manned missions were going to be: one in five, five in five. That’s what they would do. Then you would see the unmanned missions: one in five, and then five in five. That was what happened with the moon and the space stations.”

In SpaceX’s response to the FAA’s request to remove it from the air in California,

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