Olivia Wilde and Mindy Kaling Share a Video of Their Friendship

Olivia Wilde and Mindy Kaling Share a Video of Their Friendship

Olivia Wilde, Mindy Kaling and Kim Kardashian Party at Baby2Baby at Bally Total Fitness this week

The actress and host of “The Mindy Project” was in the club’s VIP area last Thursday

Kardashian was spotted in the club with a new man on Thursday night who was not publicly identified

Wilde, 33, a “Sex and the City” alum who previously was married to actor John Corbett, has been dating actor Nick Jonas since 2013 and split with him in 2017

Wilde was seen dining at The Beverly Hilton in June, shortly before she was spotted on the arm of Nick Jonas

She has been dating Jonas since late 2018, but has not formally announced the relationship

Carmelo Anthony is also on the arm of the reality TV star, sharing a selfie with her during a recent vacation in Ibiza, where she was vacationing with Jonas

Olivia Wilde and Mindy Kaling are known for their unique, hilarious and often raunchy ways of interacting with their fans.

And like many celebrities, they’ve gone to great lengths to maintain their privacy through social media.

Recently, the actress, 33, was seen at Bally Total Fitness last November, having brunch with Nick Jonas, who she spent Thanksgiving with in 2016.

In March, Wilde filmed a segment of “The Mindy Project” inside a Los Angeles yoga studio, where Kaling was a guest.

And last month, she attended the season three premiere of MTV’s “The Real World: Austin,” where she went as a special guest of Mindy Kaling.

They were all spotted together at another club in New York City — the Tribeca Grand in March — where they were seen sharing a dance near a DJ table.

Wilde and Kaling were also spotted in their favorite hangout, the Bally Total Fitness club in Hollywood on Thursday night this week.

And to celebrate their friendship on social media, they took to Instagram Thursday night to share an adorable video of them enjoying a night of partying.

Wilde posted a picture of herself on the arm of Nick

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