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Playing Pickleball on My Own

Playing Pickleball on My Own

Everything you need to know (and more!) about pickleball for the home or office.

Pickleball has been on my radar for a long long time. My mother has been a pickleball player since the 1980s when she started with a group in the early 1980s in the Bay Area. My uncle (who is a lawyer, but lives in Santa Cruz) started playing pickleball with a buddy a while back and he said he felt like his eyes would pop out of his head when he was playing. He was the opposite of me – he loved pickleball for its many health benefits. So I joined the group, but I wasn’t the most experienced player in the group, and I was still new to the sport. By the time I was 18, the group had folded, and I didn’t see any pickleball in the off-season again until 2008. Since 2008, I have played pickleball in parks, at a gym, at my home, and at my friends’ houses. I’m still learning the game, but it has been a great fit for me.

It took me 5-7 years of practice to feel confident enough to join a league, which turned me off to it for a few years. After taking lessons, I felt more confident, had better technique, and felt comfortable with the sport. I started playing in the Bay Area and, over the past 3-4 years, I have had the privilege of playing in leagues all across California. I have had the opportunity to play in clubs with all different personalities and abilities. But now I am at a point where I know enough to play on my own without the help of a group. On the last day of school, I got a Facebook message from a friend who plays in a league. He says that he wanted to play with me and see how it would go – which was a perfect opportunity for me to play a new sport!

Now that I am playing on my own, I have learned so much – from learning how to throw a pickle ball over a net, from the most basic of tactics, to the more advanced. I have learned that it is best to practice one-on-one and build your own style. It also seems to have made me an excellent athlete – I have been running, swimming, and jumping for the past 3 years

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