Red Sox to face Hurricane Florence

Red Sox to face Hurricane Florence

The Times podcast: Our Masters of Disasters know it’s windy in Boston, so it’s unlikely the Red Sox’s season opener will be delayed. But we can’t be sure the conditions will be ideal for an ESPN World Series Game 3, either, with rain in many parts of the country right now.

There’s no doubt the storm will be a challenge for ESPN, which is hosting Game 3 of the World Series and has to have a strong broadcast crew for the three nights of the series to be able to accommodate.

“We’re in the middle of a hurricane. We’re expecting a lot of impact,” said Phil Sparks, senior vice president of production at ESPN, which is in the middle of its biggest production day of the year. “The production crew is doing what the production crew always does when there’s a storm, which is try to get production to work in the rain.”

Sparks was reluctant to give any predictions, saying the storm will be the “most fluid and unique” he’s dealt with.

Red Sox fans are likely to see another early-season storm. The Boston Globe’s forecast today says the storm is expected to pick up steam Wednesday afternoon and hit the coast on Thursday.

“The storm is moving across the Northeast,” the Globe’s Robert D. McFadden Jr. wrote.

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Boston’s mayor has expressed concerns about his city, saying there’s a chance for “an early season storm” to impact the Red Sox’s opener.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami this morning is calling for up to 25 inches of rain in Florida, and as much as 25 to 30 inches of rain in the Carolinas. The NHC expects a storm surge of 5 to 7 feet at the peak. Forecast models from the past six hours show 1 to 3 feet of rain in the Carolinas, 5 to 7 feet in Florida and 9 to 15 inches along the coast of New England.

The storm is still expected to lose its intensity, which could mean rain later today and early next week. But that will not be enough to cancel a projected Game 3.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh is the acting mayor. The Boston Red Sox have a history of closing the games on Sunday; the Globe reported on Sunday that

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