Reporters swarm Elizabeth Holmes as she returns to a Washington, D.C., courtroom for first time since fraud charges

Elizabeth Holmes returned to The Stand on Tuesday for the first time since she was charged with fraud. After asking Holmes for a few minutes of her time during her court appearance, Judge William Pauley reiterated the District Court judge had spoken with her and said: “As far as I’m concerned, you’re back to being a defendant.”

She made no comments as she walked into the courtroom dressed in a gray sweater and a white scarf. Several fans captured the occasion on their phones.

When asked by a reporter if she was nervous about returning to The Stand, she said: “No.”

The reporter asked if she regretted making a public appearance after she became a public figure.

“I have no regrets at all. I’m very happy to be back. It feels great,” she said.

The questions came after Pauley called on Holmes, whom The Post first reported would be returning to the courthouse, and she left the bench, apologized and declined to answer.

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