The Blazer: The New Way to Dress

The Blazer: The New Way to Dress

Does a Blazer for Everywhere Exist?

The Blazer

The Blazer is a new way to think about dressing. Whether you’re a stylish woman who loves to wear tailored blazers, or a woman who enjoys a laid-back casual look, The Blazer is the way to go.

When and Why did they start the Blazer?

The Blazer was born in the mid-1990s when a woman named Laura was working for a lingerie designer. Laura loved the look of vintage-style lingerie with tailored blazers and found a way to make this look wearable on the daily. Since the inception of The Blazer, and many other fashion trends that have risen to prominence in recent years, Laura has remained a steadfast supporter of this style and has given many in-depth interviews on the subject.

How many people are wearing them right now?

The Blazer is inescapable, and it’s hard to stay away from them. In 2007, there were an estimated 1,500,000 women (almost half of the world’s population) wearing these types of clothes. By 2013, that number was up to 3,500,000 as more and more women began to understand the value of good tailored outerwear.

Is it still the same person who wears it?

Yes. Each season, new fabrics and style ideas come and go in this fashion trend, but they are all based on a core foundation of quality. Over the years, there have been countless designers who have made these pieces of clothing, from well-known names like Tory Burch, to lesser known designers like Laura Klein, to designers who have made the garments without the name recognition that comes with owning their namesake. The simple fact is, any woman can wear the Blazer if they like it, so long as they make it a priority to look put-together and well-dressed.

Is there any sort of trend that will die?

We’re all constantly moving in the “trend stakes” and when we reach for a top-to-bottom blend of fabrics and styles to wear, it creates the illusion that there is one trend that will never die. When we realize that this idea is never going to happen and instead that a new trend is just around the corner, we will see it through to the end. The Blazer is no different.

How many people are making the Blazer?

In 2007, it was estimated

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