The Board of Election Commissioners Decided to Concede the Election

The Board of Election Commissioners Decided to Concede the Election

Kari Lake Weighs Whether to Concede or Challenge the Election Results

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision Friday that the presidential election in Virginia was illegitimate, the Board of Election Commissioners decided to concede to Hillary Clinton the election, saying it would be unfair to the voters to proceed to a second round.

In a conference call from their Mountain View headquarters on Friday afternoon, the commissioners said they had determined, after hearing many parties’ arguments, that the voters would be disappointed if they were required to go through the process of a recount. The commissioners also said they thought they could find a way for the process to be done swiftly.

After the commissioners made their announcement, the attorneys for the state of Virginia, which is part of the state of West Virginia, who had a dispute over the certification of the election results, filed a motion asking they be allowed to brief the Virginia Supreme Court as part of their case.

The commissioner’s statement said: “Today, under extreme pressure, we did what is right: we reached beyond our duty and put our personal feelings, our political ambitions, and our partisan concerns aside. We took a long walk along a dark path with no real destination, but at the end of the day, we did the right thing.


“We will allow our state to make its case in the Virginia Supreme Court and we will continue to fight on behalf of Secretary Clinton to preserve the legitimacy of the election, the results, and the right of all Virginians to accept them. The Board is committed to protecting the democratic process and ensuring that the results of this election are respected, and we are confident that we can meet that commitment.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which heard the case in Richmond in March, will rule on the legal arguments. If it rules for the state, the U.S. Supreme Court might be called on to review the issue.

If you look back at the debate over the question of whether to recount and challenge the election

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