The Crown: The Queen’s Views on the Crown

The Crown: The Queen's Views on the Crown

Why Britain is in an uproar over ‘The Crown’ — and why it’s a tempest in a teapot

“The Crown” is a television comedy adapted and written by Alex Garland. It’s a fantasy about Queen Elizabeth II and two young princes – Prince Harry and his younger brother Prince Edward – who have been spirited off to Australia and England by her late husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

It’s not yet out, but the Royal Family has ordered that U.S. retailers put it out of view. The film’s director, Alex Garland, has spoken out against the decision.

That’s been met with a huge outcry online – with many saying that the royals are being bullied by a large corporation.

Queen Elizabeth has been asked if a company that controls the distribution of the show should be told what to do.

Here, we explore the arguments behind the controversy.

Why is it controversial?

It’s the first-ever British film with a royal theme.

Its creators say they were inspired by a real-life encounter with a young prince. The film shows him as a confident young man with more than just a talent for music and dance.

The princesses also have a complex relationship.

Harry is still dealing with his past as a member of the British royal family’s teenage gang when he meets the young man.

Edward is the only son to the queen and the film sees them falling for each other.

The queen is depicted as a very powerful leader, both on and off duty.

“The film is really trying to portray a strong and independent young woman who’s also interested in a romantic relationship, a love that’s been hidden for far too long,” said Garland.

But it’s important to remember her feelings for the princes are not just from afar.

After Harry’s 16th birthday, she takes him to Buckingham Palace and brings him back to England so he can see her.

She becomes emotional and they kiss in front of the public.

“The idea is to show that they’re human beings who care about

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