The Four Days Investigation into the Murder of Robert Durst

The Four Days Investigation into the Murder of Robert Durst

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The four-day investigation into the murder of Robert Durst.

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The investigation into the murder of Robert Durst continues to be the focus of much interest. On February 22, a woman called the police to report a man had been shot at the top of a four-story building in the South Boston neighborhood. The man, identified as Durst, told officers he was being pursued by a police officer, went upstairs, and was shot. Durst, a former partner of the accuser said, had “a motive to kill him.” The woman was later found dead, in a hospital.

Robert Durst and the woman he is accused of murdering, Susan Berman, became friends during their time together in the 1980’s. She was his girlfriend for two years, and he considered her as his wife. In 2002, they married in a civil ceremony; Robert Durst was not present to sign the license.

That year, Berman accused Durst of trying to extort her for money with the help of a friend, a man by the name of Larry Reardon. She said that although she believed Reardon to be an innocent man, she feared that, after her divorce, she might be in danger. She also said there was a man named Bill Brennan, who she had a relationship with, who worked with Durst.

Berman said she believed Brennan had threatened to harm her or the children of her deceased daughter, and she feared for her life if she didn’t come up with the $1.2 million that Durst, a real estate developer, wanted.

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