The Herald’s Letter to Mary Lou Harnell

The Herald’s Letter to Mary Lou Harnell

Letters to the Editor: Can we reduce pedestrian deaths while keeping right turns on red?

I drive in my car to the Wal-mart on Wednesdays to stock the car with groceries for our family. I come to the left turn lane. A car approaches the turn lane, turns on the traffic light, and then leaves the speed limit. The car doesn’t slow down until it’s a safe distance from me. This is how we are supposed to do our jobs.

This should be common sense that anyone driving with children and the elderly knows. But apparently, no one wants to practice it.

In my town of approximately 2,700, there have been 29 pedestrian deaths this year. One of the dead was a child of 4 years old. No one should have to live with the thought that walking next to a car is a life threatening activity.

Why have people become blind to the dangers of our streets and highways?

People have always been willing to drive if the outcome is certain. There are far more dangers with driving than there are in walking.

In fact, any time you can put another person at risk because you’re afraid to be late for work, you’ve crossed the line. This is a form of negligence. That is why it is now my responsibility to make sure our roads are safer for pedestrians.


Vivian Johnson, Town of Fitchburg

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a letter to the editor from Mary Lou Harnell of Fitchburg, Mass. We agree completely with what was stated in her letter and were moved to respond.

Letter to the Editor

On July 17, in response to our story on pedestrian and cyclist safety in Fitchburg, Mass., The Herald printed the following letter written by Fitchburg resident Mary Lou Harnell. In response, we are republishing the letter because it is so relevant

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