The L.A. World Air Fair is a “prime concern” for the area

The L.A. World Air Fair is a “prime concern” for the area

Proposed surf park in California desert is rejected by La Quinta City Council

A group of environmental activists proposed a beachfront surf spot near the community of La Quinta which would be a haven for local residents and visitors to enjoy the sun, sand and all the surf lifeguards on the island would like, but city officials have rejected the proposal for now.

Last year, the beach at the La Quinta Interchange was destroyed due to a storm that rolled through the area, and according to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) which oversees the air quality at the La Quinta Interchange, there has not been much improvement since then. The city has not done much to improve the air quality, and according to the Los Angeles World Air Fair (which has been held at the La Quinta Interchange since 1985), the air quality is extremely poor.

The L.A. World Air Fair (LAWAF) is an annual event that takes place in La Quinta, California every November and serves as a “social convention, cultural show and trade show” for the La Quinta area. In 2005, the L.A. City Council passed a resolution to make the event a priority, stating that the air quality was the city’s “primary concern”. “We’re trying to get people to realize there’s an air conditioner in there,” said a city official, “that there’s public transportation coming and going, that there’s a lot of traffic going through La Quinta and that there’s other places in the world that have air quality that’s better than ours.”

The La Quinta Chamber of Commerce also has been trying to attract visitors to the area, and have created four tourism maps all showing different categories of lodging, restaurants, night clubs, shopping and more in La Quinta. The Chamber of Commerce of La Quinta has been offering free tours at

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