The New “Indiana Jones” Film Looks Like It’s a Sequel to the Original

The New "Indiana Jones" Film Looks Like It's a Sequel to the Original

How the New ‘Indiana Jones’ film features a super young Harrison Ford in a costume made of toilet paper rolls, and a super young John C. Reilly

Last week I went to see the new “Indiana Jones” film at the cinema. We had the choice of seeing it in 3D, or 2D. So my wife and I decided to go for the 3D.

There are a few reasons to see the new film in 3D. First, you get to see the new 3D version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, with the old “Indiana Jones” film playing on a 3D screen in the background on a black and white TV. The downside? You have to drive to see the new 3D version of “Indiana Jones.” The upside? It only takes 10 minutes.

However, I did watch a little of the new 3D version of “Indiana Jones”, to see what I could get out of it. And I really liked it.

It’s not too much of an overhaul of the original, but it gives it a bit of a new look, which is always a good thing.

The original “Indiana Jones” film is an old fashioned adventure movie, with lots of characters and action. I like that about it. But, to get the new 3D version of “Indiana Jones” out, they had to do a lot of extra editing and “re-recoding” of scenes, a lot of which I didn’t understand. So I didn’t get any real enjoyment out of the new 3D “Indiana Jones” film.

Then, the new “Indy Jones” film, which opened yesterday, looks like it has been designed as a sequel to the original. Which, again, is a common theme in “Indiana Jones” films, a lot of them are sequels to other movies, and the story is the same, but the characters, settings and actions are different, and/or the characters have a different name, and the movie is about a different world, and/or we don’t hear any background about how the main character got involved in saving the world.

That is what I found funny about the new “Indiana Jones” film, its got a lot of similarities to the original one, but it looks nothing like it. It looks like a movie

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