The Phillies and the American League

The Phillies and the American League

Astros Favored Over Phillies to Win World Series Game 2 on Twitter, But Philly Fans Remain the Better Team

The two teams that ended up hosting the World Series battled hard to get to the championship round. The Philadelphia Phillies finished four games clear of the World Series favorites the San Francisco Giants. The Giants, however, had a better run of baseball than the baseball. They were led by the team’s best all, the one and only Randy Johnson, who was the face of the franchise. His incredible run continued when he won his first Cy Young Award. The Giants, though, didn’t even take the championship until the very last regular season game which happened to be the Giants’ final road game. They finished the regular season with 109 wins for the first time in 14 years and were the third best team in baseball.

The biggest story surrounding this season was the end of the National League. The Philadelphia Phillies’ run ended with a last place finish. The Nationals, though, went on to win 102 games. The Phillies had the better team but the National League and the American League had better run of the baseball. The Phillies had the better regular season record with 105 wins and the Nationals went 89-73. The Nationals won the World Series, but it was the Phillies who dominated the National League in the playoffs and ended up winning the World Championship.

Many people blamed the loss of the National League to the American League for losing out on the championship. Many people blamed the great run of the National League on the lack of pitching from the American League. The National League had the better run of the baseball and people, of course, wanted the Phillies to take the championship home. The Phillies, though, didn’t bring any of their own guys to the World Series to help their cause which, of course, is why all the Phillies’ fans hated them so much. The Phillies, after all, were a bad team, but everyone knew that. The team’s performance was bad and there wasn’t a single guy on the team who could have won 100 games. There wasn’t a single person that was even on the roster that was a closer, but they didn’t need closers. They had the run of baseball, though, which the

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