The Queen of Wimbledon

The Queen of Wimbledon

Serena Williams has done it all in tennis, but there’s so much more to come. In the next chapter of her long career, Serena Williams will be the first woman to win a Wimbledon doubles title and win an Olympic singles gold medal in the same year. It doesn’t get any more fitting than that.

She’s the first woman to win a singles grand slam title and the first to win a doubles grand slam title at the same time. She’s the first female to win one of those major singles titles while finishing in the top 10 of the singles rankings. And she’s the first and the only woman to do it.

No wonder she’s earned the nickname “the Queen of Wimbledon.” The first thing you notice when you meet her is how tall and luscious she is. She’s 6’6″ and looks like a giant at 6’1, and she’s a few inches shorter than Serena’s mother Virginia. She has a lot of tennis talent: she’s an All-American qualifier at the U.S. Open, the youngest Grand Slam doubles champion, a quarterfinalist in Wimbledon, and a Wimbledon runner-up. And she’s the best sportswoman on tour.

“I know when I’m in the right playing position, or I am aggressive or under pressure, it’s pretty much automatic,” she says. “If I’m not feeling that, too many things can go wrong. I’ve learned not to worry about it too much.”

She’s not only the biggest, but the most popular and successful professional athlete around. It’s hard to think of anyone else in the tennis world who makes sports history like that. (In fact, it’s hard to think of any other tennis players with quite as big a career as Serena has.) She’s a phenomenon, the ultimate athlete who happens to also be an entertainer.

“She came up and became the best tennis player, the best all-around athlete, the best ambassador for the sport of tennis and the best athlete in the world and she did it all at the age of 20,” John McEnroe told The Wall Street Journal. “I mean, we

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