The Washington Spirit Players Are Suspected of Sexual Abuse

The Washington Spirit Players Are Suspected of Sexual Abuse

Probe finds emotional abuse, sexual misconduct in NWSL were systemic

The North American Soccer League is a professional women’s soccer league founded in 1996 that currently consists of 14 teams. It also features a professional men’s division.

In a recent interview with WFAN, the commissioner indicated that the NWSL will take a “hard look” at the “bigger issues” about sex and violence. In a statement, the NWSL said that many of the allegations against the Washington Spirit players are “unfounded” and that they are investigating each and every claim.

“The allegations reported in the media regarding the Washington Spirit are completely unfounded,” said Michael Linihan. “In addition, we are looking into each and every claim and will take appropriate steps. We take allegations of this nature very seriously and want to assure everyone that we take them very seriously. Our initial investigation is ongoing.”

The allegations against the Spirit players are as follows and if they have indeed violated league policies and are in violation of the personal conduct policy.

1. That the Spirit players are known to have participated in sexually inappropriate behavior. 2. That on multiple (and/ or on one) occasions, players at the Spirit were involved in a physical altercation as a result of that behavior. 3. That some players at the Spirit are known to be physically aggressive towards certain other players.

How we got here:

The alleged misconduct by the Spirit players is part of a pattern of what is called “unwittingly” or “unintentionally” sexual harassment and abuse occurring at the World Cup and Major League Soccer.

In late 2015, USA Rugby announced that it would start a Title IX investigation and would recommend that the United States Department of Education take over the investigation. Because of this, the United States Department of Education took responsibility for the investigation.

Before that, the Department of Education released a report saying that USA Rugby was not investigating any widespread abuse by USA Rugby players.

However, that investigation did come to the conclusion that there was a “problem” with a handful of cases of sexual abuse.

As a result, USA Rugby and US Soccer implemented a plan in 2015 that would have addressed that problem of abuse. In order to understand that plan, let’s go back to the USA

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