This childhood dream has come true

Q: This is probably going to sound slightly crazy, but I like auto racing, and I like cars. When I was younger, I watched some male-dominated off-road racing, and I always thought that racing on pavement was a better and safer alternative.

When I got old enough to watch that sport on television, I was pretty disappointed. I started figuring it out: It was really difficult on the ground, in some cases, and you’re backed into a corner or into someone in the second turn.

But when I went out for the first time in an off-road car, I felt right at home. You drive, and it’s over relatively quickly. It’s not like driving a car on pavement. It is very safe.

Q: What’s it like to race?

A: It’s a very fun sport for me. I’ve been racing for over a year now. I’ve got two cars in the big state championship, and I just won our local playoff championship. They get held during the offseason for another couple of months, and then they move on to the regional. After that, it’s usually semi-final or final races or pit stops. It can be anything from a four- to six-hour drive.

Q: If you could offer an off-road racer to someone who’s not interested in racing, what advice would you give them?

A: Just go out there and do it, and enjoy it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it. You can go on for months at a time, making progress, and then, at the end of it, you can feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

Q: Tell me about your car. What’s your classification and what’s your mod?

A: My car is called the Rio Coorona. It’s single-cab. I’m a three-year veteran in that. It’s a Ford F-250. It has a four-wheel drive, so that allows me to drive it extremely easily in wet and wet areas. It has slick mud tires, too. And it has LED lights in the taillights, which light up the track.

Q: Do you ever worry about safety?

A: Not really. I used to get some training from off-road legend Geoff Christian. He’s about my age. He said I needed to get my back better so I could drive longer distances without falling off the road. But now I get good safety stuff online, and I usually drive where there’s a track and another lot away, where you can do it outside with no drag marks.

Q: Are you excited to get another seat in a stock car?

A: I am excited, absolutely. It’s not something that I’ve ever dreamed of, but I don’t have to push too hard for it. I think it’s going to be a much better fit for me. And I can go out and stay on my feet while the car is pushing me around.

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