Ugandan President Slams West for “double standards” on coalmine

Ugandan President Slams West for "double standards" on coalmine

Uganda’s President Museveni slams ‘Western double standards’ over Germany coal mine plans

Kampala, Uganda – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has slammed the West “double standards” on the issue of Germany’s controversial “Aquarius” coalmine, one of the world’s largest, saying it “sounded like a joke”.

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“It sounds like a joke that you and your friends are telling to us. We are a Christian country, we are not a terrorist country, we are not a black country,” Museveni told the German newspaper Bild on Monday. “We are a Christian country.”

The German newspaper said last week that the mine would “destroy the local environment and undermine Africa’s role as the continent’s breadbasket”.

The company said in a statement it was “completely opposed” to the destruction of the region by a massive coal-fired power plant. It said the project would help the United Nations, the African Development Bank and the International Energy Agency address climate change.

In July, the head of the African Development Bank said countries needed to “step up to the table” to help build an African green economy.

Uganda has for decades been accused of environmental destruction by destroying its forests and grasslands for the benefit of agriculture. It is also the world’s largest producer of coffee.

It became known as the “Carbon King” of Africa after it became so dependent on carbon-rich forests for its energy needs that it would have to import more oil if it lost its forest home.

Ugandan authorities have said they are trying to get the mine’s consent through various channels, including the UN, but the process does not appear to be moving forward.

‘We will stand with Africa’

Gerald Nungare, a former minister in the Ugandan government, said: “Ugandan’s have always been known for a tough attitude.

“But this is a step too far. We will stand with Africa rather than against

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